Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion says he lost the Bitcoin he bought in 2015


Craig Jones, an Australian-based Brazilian jiu-jitsu wrestler, has revealed that he was one of the poor souls who missed the all-time high of Bitcoin in 2017 after losing his coins.

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According to a July 16 blog post by CoinJar, the 29-year-old former world champion of the International Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and two-time champion of the Abu Dhabi Fighting Club events bought Bitcoin (BTC) in 2015 when the price was approximately US$200 – US$400. However, he was unable to collect when the price exceeded US$20,000 in December 2017. Jones said:

„A couple of guys and I bought some Bitcoin for s— and laughter and then forgot about it almost immediately. Then, when things went crazy a couple of years later, we were all frantically trying to figure out who had the password, but nobody could remember how to get our account back.

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Jones, who is known for using leg locks to knock down his opponents, has also received an award in cryptoactives. The wrestler was awarded $1,000 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as part of a prize for winning a bout in the United Kingdom. Melbourne-based CoinJar also announced that it would sponsor Jones with crypto currencies through its exchange account.

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Many prominent names from fighting organizations around the world have entered the world of cryptomonies and digital payments. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Jon Fitch became one of the first MMA fighters to be paid at Bitcoin Storm in 2015. Cointelegraph also reported in April that UFC fighter Ben Askren used his Twitter account to promote Bitcoin’s halving on May 11.

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